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Lisa Aguirre
Vibrant Healthy Kids Summit, Host

We Launch on Monday, March 18th

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Lisa Aguirre

Vibrant Healthy Kids

Here Are Your VIP Goodies!


Lifetime Access

Below here you will see a table with all the interviews and the links to download the videos. The download links will appear once the interview has been released.

Released Interviews
Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link
Carrie Bennett Interview Monday, March 18th Download
Dr. Rukshin Master PhD M.D.(Hom) Interview Tuesday, March 19th Download
Dr. Carolyn Dean Interview Wednesday, March 20th Download
Dr. Kathleen M Favaloro, DC, PT Interview Thursday, March 21st Download
Malina Malkani, MS, RDN, CDN Interview Friday, March 22nd Download
Holistic Dentist, Dr. Elmar Jung Interview Saturday, March 23rd Download
Susun Weed Interview Sunday, March 24th Download
Meir Schneider, PhD Interview Monday, March 25th Download
Dr. Julia Bronson Interview Tuesday, March 26th Download
Dr. Kevin Conners Interview Wednesday, March 27th Download
Terry Cralle, R.N. Interview Thursday, March 28th Download
Brigitte Mars Interview Friday, March 29th Download
Adam Parker Interview Saturday, March 30th Download
Patricia Regalia DHHP, HD(RHom.) DMH Interview Sunday, March 31st Download
Dr Alana Berg, ND Interview Monday, April 1st Download
Dr. Oksana Sawiak Interview Tuesday, April 2nd Download
Pearl Chiarenza Interview Wednesday, April 3rd Download
Dr. Nelson Bulmash Interview Thursday, April 4th Download
Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum Interview Friday, April 5th Download
Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier Interview Saturday, April 6th Download
Dr. Vicki Matthews Interview Sunday, April 7th Download
Upcoming Interviews

No Speakers Found

Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link

Vibrant Healthy Kids Shopping and Label Reading Guide

Vibrant Healthy Kids Summit Journal

How to Choose Supplements